SDG Student Hub: Kathmandu University - Khulla Aakash

On May 15, 2019, the SDG Student Hub: Kathmandu University in Nepal conducted an activity focused on SDG 5 named Khulla Aakash. It consisted of an open discussion on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), partnering with guest facilitators from “Yuwa”, a youth-led organization. The main goal of the event was to raise social and cognitive awareness among Hub Members about the barriers and challenges to true gender parity. 

The discussions focused on gender equality, change in gender roles, differences between sex and sexuality, gender and sex, sexual rights, and gender based violence. The Hub Members that participated had the opportunity to interact with young activists and facilitators working on CSE, and they were also introduced to various concepts on sexual and reproductive health and rights as well. As a result, Hub Members can share what they’ve learned in the session with other students.