SDG Student Hub: University of Ibadan - Orientation Event

On May 17, 2019, the SDG Student Hub: University of Ibadan in Nigeria partnered with the Center for Sustainable Development (CESDEV) to host an orientation event for their Hub Members and for the West African Research and Innovation Management Association (WARIMA). They discussed SDSN Youth’s work and the SDG Students Program, the role of students in achieving the SDGs, and the importance of research in problem solving.

"Until today, I didn't know there is this much to the SDGs and how I can be involved as a young person. I can't wait to begin taking action. I am glad that my University has a Hub." noted one of the Hub Members after the session.

During the event, the Hub also established their theme for the year: "Beyond Talks: Taking Actions to Achieve the SDGs", in order to work with other student-led organizations with the goal of helping student leaders provide practical solutions to their community’s challenges.